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Barracuda Networks June 2007 - Current

Position : Software Engineer / Support Escalation Engineer

Location : Ann Arbor, Michigan

Description : I have worked as an Engineer for Barracuda Networks since 2007. It has been an excellent opportunity for me. My main responsibilities included developing the Barracuda Message Archiver from prototype, having total control over all cases escalated to Engineering from Support, and building an entire system for handling escalations. I essentially spear-headed the Escalation Engineer position, and my work was the basis for the other Escalation Engineer positions at Barracuda.
I learned or sharpened a plethora of skills and technologies, including : perl, cgi, apache, javascript, mail servers, Microsoft Exchange integration, postgresql, mysql, and linux/bash mastery.

Barracuda Networks
University of Michigan
Department of Statistics
August 2006 - May 2007

Position : Desktop Support / Assistant to the Information Technoloy Administrator

Location : Ann Arbor, Michigan

Description : I gained employment working as an assitant to the University of Michigan's Statistics Department IT administrator. My duties included helping staff and graduate students with truant equipment. I helped fix PC's, Apple products, and occasionally fixed hardware. I'm particularly proud of the organization I brought to the department.

University of Michigan Statistics
University of Michigan
Museum of Art
August 2004 - August 2006

Position : Assistant to the Preparator / Art Handler

Location : Ann Arbor, Michigan

Description : I was fortunate to receive a work study position at the University of Michigan Museum of Art (UMMA). For the first year and a half my tasks included building platforms for art, painting and installing art galleries, and general maintenance of the building. The last six months of employment, I worked as an art packer, packing Beckmann's and Picasso's for the museum's grand renovation from 2007-2008.

University of Michigan Museum of Art
Diversified Precision Products, Inc. June 2002 - August 2002

Position : Machine Operator / Shipping and Receiving

Location : Spring Arbor, Michigan

Description : I worked at Diversified Precision Products, Inc (DPPI) during a summer while in high school. I enjoyed it thoroughly, as very few high school boys don't enjoy working with high-powered lasers. My duties included running a HeAr marking laser to print part numbers on high-speed carbide bits and work-rest blades. I also did standard shipping and receiving tasks, such as packing and unpacking boxes. I also assisted in general cleanup tasks.

Diversified Precision Products Inc
Jackson Coney Island June 1999 - August 2004

Position : Line Cook / Manager

Location : Jackson, Michigan

Description : I was employed at the Jackson Coney Island by my parents for five years. It was a great experience, and started me on the road to being the master chef I am today. My responsibilities included cooking for 55 seats, managing the on-clock employees, and managing the money for the restaurant.

Jackson Coney Island
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