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I was required to write a large-scale video game over the span of two months for a class in 2006. Blocktality was both a final project for the class, and an entry into a class-wide competition to be judged by students and faculty. Blocktality received a second-place finish You can view the other games here.

Blocktality was written in C++, and used Ogre, Newton, and OgreNewt. It is a top-down shooter game reminiscent of the Super Nintendo game Smash TV. Blocktality's main feature is the ammunition system. You can adjust the size, and thus the damage, of your bullets by scrolling the mouse wheel. Doing so makes you consume ammo faster, but takes enemies down sooner. Dead enemies, being composed of blocks, are then absorbed into you as new ammo. It's all quite fun.

Blocktality runs on Windows only and is released under the BSD license.

Leonard, The Happy Superball

Leonard The Happy Superball is the arcade game I made for a class in 2006. Development was done in a month. I was the sole developer. Leonard is an arcade/puzzle hybrid with a fully-featured map editor. You roll and bounce your way through a number of levels in a variety of environments. While the game itself is not terribly groundbreaking, it is incredibly fun.

Leonard was built on the open-source dxf engine. At it's core, it's a DirectX wrapper with a built-in state machine. It provides useful utilities to handle sound, rendering, and the other usual engine faculties. The simplicity comes at a minor performance and expandability handicap. The image on the right is a rare early stand-in graphic. It is no longer in the game.

Leonard runs on Windows only and is released under the BSD license.

Brutal Chess

Brutal Chess was a project that I personally started in the summer of 2005. After my friends Joe, Mike, and Neil jumped on to the bandwagon, Brutal Chess became one of the highet activity projects on Source Forge. Since then, I have abandoned the project, leaving it to the competent hands of Team Brutal. As of 2007, Brutal Chess has over 55,000 downloads.

Brutal Chess runs on most operating systems and is release under the GNU GPL license.

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